What makes a Society a Good Society?

Good safety measures

Good Community Interaction

Good Policies & practices

Good Environmental Values

About Us

Our team at Good Society is using the power of technology to bring people living in close-knit housing societies come closer, engage in heartfelt conversations, stand by one another and celebrate the spirit of togetherness. Our services are built keeping in mind the needs of modern housing societies so that every society resident feels cared for, enjoys a friendly neighbourhood and participates in sharing knowledge to benefit another.

Where it all began

The seeds of building a Good Society platform was sown quite a few years back. Since many of us live in expansive mega townships in different parts of Mumbai, we all faced few common challenges. Our concerns revolved around locating emergency service providers, contacting maintenance vendors, ensuring better security and developing community feeling. It was these everyday concerns that made us get together to solve our own issues and those of others too. Our brainstorming sessions lead us to build a digital engagement portal solely for residents in our housing societies. People from respective societies could send a request to join and share their issues and experiences. Within a few months, we realised the potential of our product and decided to expand our scope to every society across the borders. And here we are. With Good Society, we have included several essential features to improve lives of people living in these complexes and help them collaborate with one another for mutual benefits.

Hoy Hoy

Times like this have inspired everyone to embrace change. With uncertainty being the buzzword in our lives, the team at Good Society realised the need to motivate people to engage and collaborate with their society friends. Keeping in tune with social distancing norms, our digital intercom, Hoy Hoy is aimed to help people living in housing societies stay connected, engage more and communicate better.

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