At Good society,

The Welcome that your guests will receive,

In India, it is said “Atithi Devo Bhava” means “The guest is equivalent to God They must be treated with the utmost care, dignity, love, affection and of course, good food. Whenever any of your friends/relatives visit you, we ensure that all the approvals are already in place so that they don’t have to wait or undergo the hassles of taking permissions for their entry. When you’re a member of the Good Society, we think your guest is our responsibility and we ensure that they have a smooth ride to your home from the society gate.

They will leave as members of Good Society

Typically, when a guest arrives he spends more time at the entrance for making the necessary entries and confirmations from the owners than spending time with his friends and family. At Good Society, our product ensures that all the approvals are already in place for your guests at the click of a button so that they spend more time with you.

Avoid unwanted/unnecessary visitors in the premises

Authorize visitors through advance IVR call / Mobile App.

Welcome your guest by issuing “VIP Pass”.

Easy to use for the security
and minimum data entry.

Staff Attendance and
Vehicle tracking

A Smile is the universal Welcome, and at Good Society we take care that your guests receive a Welcome to remember

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