Speak to your neighbours
in a new way…

Easy to reach all society residents; wherever they are

Since wired intercom comes with its own set of restrictions of place and mobility, our new-age digital intercom will help you stay in touch with all society members even when they are outside society premises. You can also select flat numbers to reach them without having their contact numbers. We want you to participate in society stories by engaging actively with your neighbours. We are driven by the need to create deeper connections and develop relationships of mutual benefits.

Budget-friendly for all

The current global crisis has made all of us rethink the ways we allocate our funds for regular expenses. Our digital platform for housing societies is meant to keep all residents engaged without compromising on social distancing norms. Our digital intercom solution, Hoy Hoy, will incur zero infrastructure and maintenance costs and has an affordable pricing model for societies of all sizes.

Unlimited audio and video calling feature for long-lasting conversations

Just 2 hours to initiate services before residents can start enjoying conversations

Unique ten-digit Hoy Hoy number for every member as an additional calling feature

A timely call to your next-door neighbour can now result in a timeless relationship
How it works

Install Hoy Hoy from Playstore/Appstore


Connect with neighbour via Flat number/Neighbour name/unique Hoy Hoy number

Choose from audio/video call feature…and start your
Hoy Hoy Journey!

Coming together is just the beginning of our collective purpose.

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